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To reduce the extent and the complexity of a competitive analysis, the selection of appropriate aspects to consider should be guided by the following criteria: Review of Empirical Research, in: In a project to redefine the strategy of the whole bank, the ITD also went through the process of developing its new strategy.

It is also needed to ensure the ability to conduct an SP in a distributed manner, i.


While one project case 1 started off with benchmarking results, master thesis vertrieb genehmigt others integrated benchmarking in later phases. Interpretation of Case Studies When integrating the empirical observations and comparing them to the relevant general management literature, the following conclusions can be drawn towards a framework for SPITM: The master thesis vertrieb genehmigt suggest that strategic positioning is both a necessary and valuable task for IT managers.

The subsequent discussion presents each framework element by defining it, explaining its relationships to other elements, and relating it to the cases introduced above.

This is especially true when an internal IT department starts to make its products and services available beyond the organization. Framework for strategic positioning in IT management While the structure of our framework is derived from the literature and the cases discussed above, the general structure of the approach can also be linked to general management.

Each section concludes by relating the element to observations we made during our cases. This research effort will lead to understanding the process and benefits of positioning IT departments strategically within corporations and beyond.

Information Systems and E-Business Management, 1, 1pp. Even though some elements were initially not considered cases 1 and 2the need to reintegrate them at a later point in the project illustrated their importance.

Ulrich Frank, Heinrich C. At a later stage, they realized that additional information was needed to correctly interpret the data from benchmarking.

For each element of the FoR, relative key performance indicators KPIs and metrics are defined and applied for the own organization and those of the peer group. It was also used to assign responsibilities and to check for completeness.

Documents of relevance are e. We then conducted three case studies to gain insights into which of the concepts in the literature are applied in SPITM practice. It serves as a general guideline for the identification of required units of analysis and can be used to structure the competitive analysis.

Benchmarking To assess the strategic position of an IT department, data needs to be gathered about its structure and its environment. Market forces influencing an enterprise [35] and their influence on strategy formulation [14] need to be considered. In structuring the elements needed to analyze the current strategic position of an ITD, we contribute to the understanding of this domain and the development of methods that are applicable in practice.


Nils Thuerey Thesis

W. Vertrieb GmbH is a family business that has specialized since in B2B marketing and sales.

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As a new generation joins the company, strategic direction of the company will be realigned. In this context we are focused on innovation management. Bachelor-/Master Thesis Trend analysis for strategic realignment and business plan creation.

MASTERARBEIT / MASTER’S THESIS. Titel der Masterarbeit / Title of the Master‘s Thesis „Titel“ verfasst von / submitted by >Akademische(r) Grad(e) Vorname Zuname Akademische(r) Grad(e)genehmigt wurde Angestrebter akademischer Grad laut Curriculum! Specify Degrees according to the personnel.

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Master of Arts Strategic Sales Management Modulhandbuch (gültig ab WiSe /) ESB Business School Hochschule Reutlingen Alteburgstraße D Reutlingen Akademische Leiter: Prof. Dr. Christoph Binder Tel. () Fax () [email protected] Prof. Dr. Tobias Schütz Tel.

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Levis J.L. Pereira Lead Solution Architect, TS Consulting Hewlett Packard Enterprise Education and Certification Master of Advanced Studies in Information Systems Management Master s Thesis in Innovation. More information.

Master thesis vertrieb genehmigt
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Nils Thuerey Thesis